Safety Simulators Introduction

Safety is a unique mix of managing people, attitude, training behaviors, tools, systems, policies and procedures.

It’s not a performance measure for the next year, but rather the performance measure for years to come.

Utilities that can manage safety will not only be ahead of our philosophy but will also experience competitive advantages in several areas, such as human performance, medical costs, and employee engagement and workers’ turnover.

The competitive advantage through consistent safety results is more important now than ever.

In the future managers will stand with linemen to ensure that safety is not just a priority because priorities changes; rather, it will be a value that will not shift. Safety consideration is always an added value to any organization that is adhering to it.

Youngwoo Ind. (South Korea) developed simulation-based training exciting solutions – in both of our Jubail and Yanbu branches – it reduces cost and increase safety in real learning environment.

1. Falling to Opening with Guardrail Collapsing Simulator

You will be aware of potential hazards of walking and working on elevated surfaces by experiencing a real fearful fall from the opening, collapsing roof or a skylight. You will recognize the required controls before permitting any work at height.

The simulated experience of falling from height due to a guardrail collapse will help you to recognize the associated risks with unsafe guardrail system, and provide the knowledge of safety standards and requirements of guardrail installation and use.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1910.23 Guarding floor and wall openings and holes.
  • 1926.501 Duty to have Fall Protection.
  • 1926.502 Fall Protection systems criteria and practices.
  • 1926.503 Training requirements.


2. Safety Harness Experience Simulator

* The Manufactured Simulator for the Safety Harness Experience will be for 1 person only.

The Personal Fall Arrest System Simulator provides you the real feelings during the fall from height and the impact of the harness on your body.
You will realize why you need to avoid falling from height, and why to need to use the fall protection tools.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1926.1423 Fall Protection.
  • 1926.104 Safety belts, lifelines and lanyards.

3. Electrical Safety Simulator

This simulator displays the electrical safety requirements that are necessary for the practical safeguarding of employees involved in industrial and construction works. Experiencing the electrical shock will provide you an additional awareness on the safe use of electrical energy at site to prevent electrical shocks. 

Standards Applicable:

  • 1910.147 The control of hazardous energy (Lockout/Tagout).
  • 1910.254 Arc welding and cutting.
  • 1910.302 Electric utilization systems.
  • 1910.303 General requirements.
  • 1910.304 Wiring design and protection.
  • 1910.305 Wiring methods, components and equipment for general use.
  • 1910.306 Specific purpose equipment and installations.
  • 1910.307 Hazardous (classified) location.

4. Pipe Rack Fire Simulator

This simulator will give the real experience of dealing with fire generated on pipe rack due to gas leak or unsafe welding or cutting practices.

You will recognize the mitigation methods of such fire risks.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1926.150 Fire protection.
  • 1926.151 Fire prevention.
  • 1926.152 Flammable and combustible liquids.
  • 1926.153 Liquefied petroleum gas (LP-Gas).

5. A-Type Ladder Simulator

In this simulation, you will experience the risk of falling from A-type ladders which may move and slip from Its supports; you may also lose your balance while getting on or off an unsteady ladder. Falls from ladders can cause injuries ranging from sprains to even fatality.

Experiencing A-type ladder training will Provide you with guidance to use A-type ladder safely during your work as per the safe work practices. 

Standards Applicable:

  • 1910.25 Portable wood ladders.
  • 1910.26 Portable metal ladders.
  • 1926.1053 Ladders.
  • 1926.1060 Training Requirements.

6. Safety Shoes Protection Simulator

This simulator will show you the real protection of safety shoes from the
possible foot injuries from falling or rolling objects or from crushing or penetrating materials.

You will realize and appreciate the amazing power of protection of safety shoes.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1910.136 Foot protection.
  • 1926.96 Occupational foot protection.


7. Pressurized Cylinders and Hose Rupture Simulator

This simulator will demonstrate hidden leaks in air hose coupler at higher pressures and the importance of maintaining safety standards and durability of Air Hose Couplings.

You will also learn how to deal with compressed cylinders and how to
connect both air hoses and couplings.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1910.101 Compressed gases (general requirements). 

8. Confined Space Simulator

This simulator will provide real experience of entering a confined space that shows the real working environment with all expected Chemical, Physical, Biological and Environmental hazards.

In this adventure you will recognize the precautions & SOP required before permitting any confined space entry. The simulator will digitally display the limits of toxic gases, explosive gases and oxygen contents.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1910.146 Permit-required confined spaces.

9. Safety Helmet Protection Simulator

This experience will show the power and the Importance of Safety Helmets in worksites against impact and penetration of falling and flying objects. You will realize, and then will surely consider It as vital head powerful shield.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1910.135 Head protection.
  • 1926.100 Head protection.


10. Fire Extinguishing Simulator

This experience simulates the real environment for the use of portable fire extinguishers and safety procedures on how to deal with fire at your work site.

Standards Applicable:

  • 11910.157 Portable fire extinguishers.

11. Work Platform Collapsing Simulator

Scaffold Collapse
You will be aware of potential hazards of Scaffold Collapsing and fear of falling from height. Sudden collapse of the work platform will never be forgotten. 

Guardrail Collapse
This simulated Experience of falling from height due to guardrail collapse will help you to recognize the associated risks with unsafe guardrail system, and provide the knowledge of safety standards and requirements of guardrail installation and use.

12. Steel Erection Site Simulator

This simulator shows the real experience and the requirements to protect employees from the hazards associated with steel erection activities involved in the construction, and/or repair plants, buildings, bridges. and other structures where steel erection occurs.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1926.752 Site layout, site-specific erection plan and construction sequence.
  • 1926.753 Hoisting and rigging.
  • 1926.754 Structural steel assembly.
  • 1926.755 Column anchorage.
  • 1926.756 Beams and columns.
  • 1926.757 Open web steel joists.
  • 1926.758 Systems-engineered mml buildings.
  • 1926.759 Falling object protection.
  • 1926.760 Fall protection.
  • 1926.761 Training.


13. Falling from Straight Ladder Simulator

This experience will simulate the hazards at a construction site by experiencing slip, trip and fall hazards from ladders. 

You will recognize the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protection power and learn safety standards for straight ladders.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1910.27 Fixed ladders. 

14. Working inside Tunnels Simulator

This simulator gives the experience to recognize and avoid hazards associated with underground construction and tunnels safety requirements In relation to:

  • Air monitoring.
  • Ventilation and illumination.
  • Communications.
  • Mechanical and Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Explosives, fire prevention and protection.
  • Emergency procedures- evacuation plans and check-In and check-out procedures.


Standards Applicable:

  • 1926.800 Underground construction.


15. Exposure to High Wind (Storms) Simulator

This simulator gives the experience of Exposure to heavy winds while working on elevated platforms like scaffolds or man- lifts or while climbing, erecting or maintaining towers which may make work at high elevations even more hazardous.

You will realize the power of wind and the risk of working at height at windy days.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1926.760 Fall protection.
  • 1926.500 Scope, application, and definitions applicable to this subpart.
  • 1926.501 Duty to have fall protection.
  • 1926.502 Fall protection systems, criteria and practices.
  • 1926.503 Training requirements.


16. Falling Objects Simulator

You will be aware of potential hazards associated with falling objects such as tools or material or debris directly on head and body. 

After the experience you will learn the Importance of personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other safety precautions like safety nets which will protect you from the falling objects.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1926.759 Falling object protection. 

17. Defensive Driving Simulator

This Driving Simulator provides:

  • Real experience of driving with 4D.
  • 15 different scenarios for most of hazardous situations which may face the driver.
  • Environmental friendly electrical car with automatic gear simulation.
  • Large screens showing the road.
  • Amplified sound from car speakers.
  • Parking break (foot press and release).
  • Reverse driving simulation (screen mirrors).
  • Radio, CD & Navigator showing actual location of car.
  • Score Test. 

18. Excavation Collapse Simulator

This experience simulates the excavation collapse or Cave-ins which pose the greatest risk and are much more likely than other excavation related accidents to result in workers’ fatalities.

Other potential hazards include falls, falling loads, hazardous atmospheres, and Incidents involving mobile equipment.

You will recognize the effect of the safety precautions in controlling these risks.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1926.650 Scope, application, and definitions applicable to Excavation subpart.
  • 1926.651 Specific Excavation Requirements.
  • 1926.652 Requirements for protective systems.


19. Fire Fighting Equipment on Display

Fire Suppression and detection System(s), and their components should be understood by all the employees of different industries. 

This display will show the Suitable Applications, specifications and best practices of fire suppression and prevention tools.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1910.157 Portable fire extinguishers.
  • 1910.158 Standpipe and hose systems.
  • 1910.159 Automatic sprinkler systems.
  • 1910.160 Fixed extinguishing systems, general.
  • 1910.161 Fixed extinguishing systems, dry chemical.
  • 1910.162 Fixed extinguishing systems, gaseous agent.
  • 1910.163 Fixed extinguishing systems, water spray and foam.
  • 1910.164 Fire detection systems.
  • 1910.165 Employee alarm systems.

20. Ergonomic Guidance on Manual Material Handling

This experience of guessing block weights and comparing unknown weights to known ones will provide experience of the right judgment of load weights, which will Improve the manual material handling at your work site and reduces the exposure to physical conditions such as force, awkward postures, and repetitive motions.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1910.176 Handling material- general.
  • 1910.900 Ergonomics Program. 

21. Lifting Tackles Inspection Handling

This display shows the Safety requirements for Lifting tackles testing, inspection, maintenance, operational, certification, marking and disposal.

This experience will give you the professional sense of dealing with these critical tools to make the lifting process smooth and safe.

Standards Applicable:

  • 1910.179 Overhead and gantry cranes.
  • 1910.184 Slings.
  • 1926.251 Rigging equipment for material handling.
  • 1926.552 Material hoists, personnel hoists and elevators.
  • 1926.5.54 Overhead hoists.
  • 1926.1413 Wire rope - Inspection.
  • 1926.1414 Wire rope - Selection and Installation criteria. 

22. Hazard Recognition (HR) and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Simulator

With more than 64 different Simulated Hazards, the trainees boost their Knowledge and Skills in recognizing these Hazards, and doing a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and learn the applicable Controls and their Techniques.

23. Smoke House Evacuation and Rescue Simulator

This experience simulates the evacuation and rescue operations from hazardous
atmosphere in work site composed with low illumination, obstacles and even Smoke.

You will recognize the Importance of emergency response plans (ERP) and the preparations for professional emergency response teams (ERT).

Standards Applicable:

  • 1910.34 Exit Routes and Emergency Planning Coverage and definitions.
  • 1910.35 Compliance with alternate exit-route codes.
  • 1910.36 General requirements.
  • 1910.37 Means of egress, general.
  • 1910.38 Employee emergency plans and fire prevention plans.

24. First Aid and CPR Room